Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nibbling the Edge of Food Quirks

I love catalogs. Yesterday I received the newest copy of Current in my mailbox. I remember when Current was known for their designer checks; now their catalog pages pop with wrapping paper, mop slippers, cookbooks and seasonal socks. As I perused the pages, a particular image caught my eye; it was called the Brownie Edge Pan and it looked magical. A self-professed brownie devotee, my mouth watered at the prospect of delicious chewy edges on every piece. Ingenious! The person who invented this non-stick carbon-steel marvel was really thinking.... I often see products like these and wonder, "Why can't I come up with ideas like that?" It seems like such a simple solution - if you like the edge pieces, why not create a pan that bakes a brownie with more edgy delights? Another fantastic idea? The Muffin Top Maker. Brilliant. I remember watching the Seinfeld episode that features Elaine's former boss, Mr. Lippman, opening the store, "Top of the Muffin to You!" I was intrigued by the idea and wondered why no one had developed a pan to create these crispy gems. Voila! No more pesky muffin stumps.

I was always the kid who ate the crust first and then enjoyed the cheesy pizza topping. At birthday parties, I carefully removed the cake frosting to be savored after that bothersome cake was consumed. I faintly remember sitting by the pool, gnawing the chocolate coating off 3 Musketeers candy bar; there was something delectable about uncovering the fluffy inner log, which- by that time - was completely gooey and half-melted in the sweltering summer sun. I even disassembled my Happy Meal cheeseburgers, eating the buns first and then carefully nibbling the bald brown burger. I no longer dissect my pizza or dismember my burgers, but I do think my fascination with the Brownie Edge Pan and the Muffin Top Maker might be a result of my childhood eating quirks. I must confess that, to this day, I still save the frosting for last when I eat cake. I was thinking about developing a product that would eliminate the cake portion, leaving only the creamy coating. But then I remembered it's already been invented. Anyone want to grab a spoon and join me?


  1. *grabs spoon*

    Wasn't there a GG episode where either Rory or Lorelai prepared for the other a whole basket of just muffin tops?

    And now I want brownies. You know the only place to have brownies just like that in this country? McDonalds...

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  3. Oh give me a spoon and let's go. I have always saved the frosting for last when I eat cake. And it it's cake and ice cream, all the better. That frosting really tastes great with ice cream. And yes, the muffin tops are the best part. Glad to know I'm not the only "odd" one. ;)

  4. I always request the edge piece when buy a brownie (cheesecake brownie to be specific) when I go to The Great American Cookie or whatever that place is called. Yum!


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