Monday, November 14, 2016

Purina Gives $100,000 to Dogs on Deployment and Pets for Vets -- Vote Now!

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I've partnered with Purina for several years, and I'm constantly impressed with the work they do for the community. It's a responsibility they take seriously and I'm proud to be a part of it. This time around, Purina Pure Love for Pets is donating $100,000 to Dogs on Deployment and Pets for Vets, two organizations whose mission benefits both pets and members of our military. 

Dogs on Deployment helps alleviate some of the stress pet owners feel when they find they'll be deployed for military service. Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends and family on hand to provide the care needed for our precious family members while we're away. Let's face it: it's a giant responsibility and we wouldn't want to leave our pets with just anyone. DoD understands that and offers help with people and resources to those headed for deployment. Please note: DoD doesn't only assist with dogs -- they also support families with cats. 

Pets for Vets supports military vets and provides a second chance for shelter pets. Win-win, right? They do this by rescuing and training rescues and then pairing them with vets who could use the help of a companion animal. I love the thought of people and animals helping one another. I feel like my cats and I give each other equal amounts of love and support -- it's an even exchange. It's especially touching when people and pets are matched in a way that's incredibly life-changing on both parts.

There's no denying that Dogs on Deployment and Pets for Vets are doing great work, and that's why Purina wants to help both of them -- and you can help! Hop over to the and vote for one of the organizations. You need to do this by November 15 at 11:59 PM ET. The one with the most votes will receive $75,000, and the runner up gets $25,000. 

I know we don't all have the resources to significantly help organizations whose mission we support, but this is a way we can feel a part of the giving. Thank you!

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