Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Trust Weather Whiskers

I adore cats-as-people, and one of the pleasures of my day is checking out the weather on the Weather Whiskers phone app. Nobody at Weather Whiskers HQ paid me to promote their ridiculously adorable product, but it just feels wrong not to share it with you. Wrong, I say! Perhaps a crime.

And guess what? It's available for the iPhone as well as Android models. And it's free!

Seriously, gaze upon this guy. Wouldn't you rather get your current weather conditions from him instead of some boring meteorologist in a gray suit? Of course you would. Plus, look at those glasses -- you can trust those glasses. He's not the only feline weather guru -- there are a number of kitties ready to answer the question on everyone's mind every day: "What's it like outside?"

Sunny, with a chance of YES CATS!

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