Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Every Bed is a Cat Bed

I recently stayed with some friends in Iowa while I was in town for a Texts from Mittens book signing. They share their home with a handsome cat named Tate and a busy Corgi named Oreo. Here's my cat lady confession: I'm a sucker for Corgis. I've always adored their short legs and fluffy butts. I'd never spent time with one until Oreo ... and then the dog-shaped clouds parted and the Corgi angels played their harps. And they chewed on them and growled, looking incredibly adorable.

As you know, cats rule the home, no matter how many other animals (or humans) are present. Tate represents this beautifully in the below photo. You can just see the look of entitlement on his face as he completely jacks Oreo's bed.

Like this is surprising to you, right?

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