Thursday, March 19, 2015

Helping Cats Become More Adoptable With Good Nutrition #FoodShelterLove

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Almost exactly 13 years ago, we visited a local animal shelter with the intention of adding a new feline family member. Of course my kids gravitated to the multitude of kittens -- it was kitten season, after all. We definitely took the time for adequate kitten-induced squees, and then I suggested we look at the adult cats. I told them that many times, adult cats are overlooked because, well, kittens are tiny and adorable; however adult cats are wonderful companions and have a lot to offer.

She looks not-so-thrilled, but she is! She really is!

We visited many of the adults kitties before our eyes landed on Saffy, a gray girl whose purr button didn't seem to have a stop function -- or even a pause one.
Exercise is important!
She was between one and two years old, and had come from a home with children, but didn't like dogs -- perfect for us! She looked healthy and had a sweet demeanor. She rubbed her face all over the walls of her cage, purred and absolutely chose us as her family.

Aside from the "not a kitten" factor, adult cats are sometimes not adopted because they look unhealthy or are overweight. That's too bad because, in the right home, a cat with health issues could thrive and live a long and vital life (or nine). It's just the truth: Cats who look healthier in shelters are more likely to become adopted.

The main goal of Hill's Food, Shelter, & Love program is to help cats get a fresh start in life. Everyone deserves a fresh start, right? The program offers shelters the opportunity to provide quality nutrition to the cats in their care, including kitties with special needs.

Sometimes cats who are overweight aren't the first choice for families looking to adopt. Hill's wants to help these cats shed the unnecessary pounds, feel healthy and look vibrant because that change will better their chances of finding forever homes. Hill's Perfect Weight Diet does just that.

During the Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight Challenge, over 70% of cats lost weight when fed this 100%, precisely balanced nutrition for ten weeks. Healthy weight and increased energy helps cats live longer, happier lives.

Take a look at the awesome story of Stoli, who was adopted from Denver Dumb Friends League, and is a success story from the Weight Challenge!

If you'd like to try Hill's Perfect Weight formula, you can buy both the canned and dry food here, and your purchase helps support the Food, Shelter, & Love program, which is dedicated to cat nutrition and helping shelter kitties find forever homes.

If your shelter would like to become a part of the Food, Shelter, & Love program, read the details here. 

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