Monday, September 15, 2014

Just When You Think You Know All Your Cat's Spots

The other day I was working at the kitchen table and heard my husband start laughing really hard. Of course I had to investigate. He was standing in a little mini-hallway where there's a bedroom on either side. He said he'd been looking for Saffy (she's his baby). From his vantage point in the mini-hallway, he scanned the area, noticing she wasn't sacked out in her typical spots in the living room area, or in our bedroom.

Then his eyes stopped when he reached our son's room. There was Saffy, standing right in the middle of the desk, staring at my husband, like "It's been really fun watching your confusion -- I've been right here all along." She never sits there either -- and she was so still like E.T. among the pile of stuffed animals. It was funny on so many levels. Of course I had to snap a photo.

Yet another reason why cats are funny -- they're unpredictable, surprising and ready to make us look like idiots at any given moment. And with such little effort!

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