Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Saw the Thumper-Foot Thumping

I love all parts of a kitty's body. Sure, I have an affinity toward the toes and tiny baby-corn teeth, but every inch of a cat is glorious.

Usually, when my cats sit, they're feet are tucked in together, looking tidy. Cats like tidiness. Cosmo's usually a tidy sitter, but every once in a while, he pulls this move that I call "thumper foot." One of his back feet pokes out just a little, taking away from the tidiness of his pose. I always laugh when he sits like this.

I have something to share with you and promise it's the truth. My daughter was even present as a witness! Cosmo was sitting thumper-foot style and then that foot starting thumping up and down really fast, but only for a couple of seconds. He looked just like Thumper from Bambi! My daughter and I looked at each other like, "Did you see that too?" And then we couldn't stop laughing at sweet Cosmo, our little Thumper boy. Of course, he's never done it again ... unless he thumps his foot in private. Could be.

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