Monday, August 25, 2014

Get 15% off a KitNipBox AND Help Kitten Associates!

Many Catladyland readers are familiar with the recent KitNipBox giveaway we hosted on Texts from Mittens. Well, the fun's not over yet! The nice people at KitNipBox have given us an opportunity to help a shelter of our choice, and we chose Kitten Associates, a small rescue in Connecticut that helps lots of mama cats and babies.

In case you aren't familiar, KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service that provides a box (you choose the size) full of toys (some hand-made by artisans), health and hygiene products, and treats for your cat. Sounds cool, right? Well, here's the part that's extra-cool: We're teaming up with KitNipBox giving you 15% off your first box (excluding the Starter Box) when you use the code kitten15 at checkout.

Jack, the office assistant at KitNipBox.

And as if that weren't awesome enough, Kitten Associates will receive 5% of all sales from which that code was used! In addition, our kitty friends at Kitten Associates will receive a free KitNipBox.

So, that's it! Simple, huh? Just to recap, here's what you do:

  • Go to the KitNipBox site and choose a subscription type.
  • Use the code kitten15 at checkout.
  • Smile because you just gave 5% to Kitten Associates!

And don't forget to like KitNipBox on Facebook!

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