Saturday, February 1, 2014

Of Lax Groomers and Nosy Butts

Every morning I use the Furminator (which is the BEST grooming tool ever) to groom Saffy. She's so fuzzy and has gotten lax about grooming herself in her old(ish) age, so I try and make it a daily habit. She's not a fan of the Furminator and makes an audible fuss while I'm brushing her. Of course, the other two nosy-butts gather 'round to see what's happening, hoping they aren't next. Right after the Furmination, Saffy runs behind the other two and drops her head, hoping I won't make eye contact with her. Also, I think she hopes if she's in the back of the group, I'll grab Cosmo or Phoebe before I'll go after her again.

A few days ago I managed to capture the post-Furminator experience.

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