Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Cats Love My Son ... and His Stinky Socks

I love that my teenage son is a total cat man. He adores our three cats and they can't get enough of him. He always leaves his bedroom door closed (thankfully -- ugh), but if it happens to swing open, the cats race for his room.

The other night I couldn't find any of the kitties and then I saw he'd accidentally left his door open. I walked in to find Saffy lying square in the middle of his floor and Cosmo under his bed. I briefly scanned the room, but couldn't see Phoebe. I went into the kitchen and called the magic "treat" word and, lo and behold, she zoomed out of his room. No idea where she'd been hiding. Probably under the piles of dirty laundry. Cats love stinky teenage boy socks.

Last night Phoebe decided to join Ben on the sofa while he played a game on his phone.

"I love my brother. Especially his socks."
After a while, I noticed her little claws gripping his jeans.
Holding on for dear life! 

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