Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photoshopped? Nope. Just a Gem of a Moment

Those of you who don't really know my cats may cast your eyes upon this photo and say, "What a delightful pic!" Anyone who's spent any time around my brood will take one look and say, "Hey Ang, nice Photoshopping job!" Haha.

You see, friends, despite the shadow cast by Friday the 13th, I found myself quite lucky to score this golden moment via the magic of my iPhone's handy camera. Phoebe would rather endure 50 car rides to the vet than lie within ten feet of Saffy. Cosmo's pretty neutral and doesn't want to get on either of the girls' bad side (smart guy). So to nail a pretty OK photo of the three of them inhabiting the same piece of furniture is a total score, and one for the ages.

So please, join me in reveling in this gem of a moment.

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