Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cats are Funny ... and Weird!

If you read Catladyland, you agree with me on at least one point: Cats are funny. You know what else? Cats are weird! Tell you something you don't know, right? I constantly giggle at my three felines' shenanigans because they're both funny and weird.

I'm proud that I was chosen to be one of the Pet360 Ambassadors. Fancy, huh? That just means they think our audience is top notch and know you'd appreciate the information I'll share on their behalf. And if there's one thing I know about Catladyland readers, it's that you like fun information. And you're fancy. Maybe that's two, but that's OK. Knowing two things is definitely better than just knowing one.

Cats are so kneady! Source: Pet360

Speaking of knowing things, Pet360 shared some cool information with me about some weird cat habits. For example, my Cosmo stops, drops and rolls as soon as I come home. It never fails to make me laugh! I know it's because he's happy to see me, but there's a little more to it and Pet360 came through with some additional explanation.

Roly-poly Cosmo!

And kneading, or as we like to call it in our house, "making biscuits?" My cat doesn't actually want to bake for me, although I wish he would -- I love biscuits. There's a reason behind the kneading.

We're weird? YOU'RE weird!

Anyhow, I was given the opportunity to share a bit of information with you today and, of course, the weird nature of cats immediately spoke to me. Click over to Pet360 to read more about our whiskered weirdos!

This post is sponsored by Pet360. I am being compensated for spreading the word about, but Catladyland only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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