Monday, July 1, 2013

Cats of Yore and the Evolution of My Awesome Hair

I've made the acquaintance of many fine felines over the years -- some with which I've shared my home and with others, I've enjoyed a passing friendship. I was recently digging through some old photos and ran across a couple of good ones that brought back memories of great cats and the evolution of my awesome hair.

1. Apartment complex guy

My first year in college, I lived in an apartment complex across the street from my school. I always saw this little guy running around and loved on him when I could. I fed him when he came around and that's probably why he kept coming around. Either that or he fancied my Flock-of-Seagulls haircut. C'mon -- you had to love the 80's and all its Aqua-Netty glory. That cat was a doll.

2. Daphne, the 5th roommate

In my second year of college, a few things changed. I moved into a house with four friends, I let my hair grow out and I adopted the first cat that was all mine. Her name was Daphne and I bought her a cute pearl collar with a fancy little jingle ball attached to it. Bless her heart, she lived amidst such chaos. There were always people in and out and the place wasn't especially tidy. She did not, however, lack any sort of love or attention. Or exposure to Depeche Mode albums.

3. Dobie, the first child

A few years later, all the cheap hair color had completely left my hair and I met and married my now-husband. And guess what? We were soon expecting our first child! He was a foster cat named Dobie and he loved to play fetch with a little plastic boomerang we received from the bottom of a Cap'n Crunch cereal box. Hey -- we were young and poor and ate lots of crappy cereal. He was a behemoth of a cat and -- believe me -- you wouldn't want to wake up with him sleeping on your chest. "Am I having a heart attack?? No, that's just my cat."

Do you have any fun memories of your first cats? Or your hair?

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