Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Island of Misfit Cats

A while back, I was musing the oxymoronic prospect of an insomniac cat. Really ... how funny would that be? I've never known a cat that couldn't slip into split-second slumber. You're never going to find a cat with bloodshot eyes, staring at infomercials at 3am. You won't likely see cats raiding the refrigerator in a sleepwalking stupor after taking their nightly dose of Ambien.

"Damn insomnia."

What if there were an Island of Misfit Cats? Here, all the freaks of the feline kingdom could gather and live in peace, avoiding the mocking meows of their "normal" brethren. What other kinds of kitties would accompany Insomniac Cat? Hmm ....

How about Filth Cat? He'd hate cleaning himself and walk around a la Pigpen, with a little dusty cloud surrounding him.

Certainly Box-Phobia Cat would fit right in. She would immediately break out into a full-blown panic attack at the sight of a box. Poor Box-Phobia cat....

"Starting to feel a little clawstophobic."

Bird-Lover Cat might enjoy the island. This cat prefers the non-traditional romantic relationship with the feathered set. His preference has always been judged and disallowed in many feline circles. Here on the island, he is comfortable to openly love that yellow finch who's captured his lonely heart. Isn't that the tweetest thing you've ever heard?

Other inhabitants of the island might include Pill-Popper Cat (loves to swallow pills), Clawstrophobic Cat (hates small spaces), and Ground Cat (afraid of heights).

Yes, on the Island of Misfit Cats, these once-ridiculed kit-kats can stand whisker-to-whisker, embrace their unique behaviors, and coexist among others who accept their unconventional lifestyles! Don't delay -- reserve your spot today!

What other misfit cats might inhabit the island?

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