Friday, January 11, 2013

Fanglish Review Time!

Well, it's been a while since our Fanglish cat slang review and some of you probably haven't been keeping up every week so here we go ... let's take a look back at the last few weeks' terms. And there may be a pop quiz somewhere down the road so make sure and take it all in, kittens!

Writer's Block
A cat's ability to block a human's attempts at typing

Mittens walked across The Lady's lap and rubbed his face all over her computer, giving her extreme writer's block.

Eddie Vetter
A cat whose low howls on the ride to the vet sound not unlike the vocals of Pearl Jam singer, Eddie Vedder

Snowball didn't like riding to the vet with Maurice because he was a real Eddie Vetter.

Lord of the Flies
A cat who's trapped a fly between the sliding glass door and screen

Maurice became Lord of the Flies when a wayward fly thought he could escape through the screen door. 

Window Shopping
The act of cats birdwatching through a window

While spending an entire afternoon window shopping, Snowball spotted the cutest little red number.

Sticker Shock
A cat's panic, realizing a sticker is stuck to his paw

Maurice experienced intense sticker shock when he walked across The Lady's return address labels.

Walking Papers
Any sort of paper (wrapping, news, copy) on top of which a cat feels he must walk

The Lady began wrapping birthday presents, therefore presenting Mittens with his walking papers.

Covering a Lot of Ground
The act of a cat "covering" an invisible spot on the ground

Mittens wanted to play with Maurice, but he was busy covering a lot of ground.

Skirt Chaser
A cat who chases toys in and around a Christmas tree skirt

The Christmas tree skirt was always crumpled because Mittens was a real skirt chaser.

The serendipity of running one's paw under a piece of furniture and discovering previously lost toys

Mittens rejoiced in the pawtluck of finding his long-lost jingle mouse under the bookcase.

A cat who tries to conquer a door that stands between him and a human by batting, banging, or sliding his paw under the door

The Lady could never close the bathroom door because Maurice was a total conquistadoor.

The Food Network
Two or more cats who, after gobbling their own food, move in on the slow-eating cat's food dish

Mittens tried to eat faster because she felt the food network closing in on her.

The cat rear that invariably shows up in the human's face during a session of petting

Maurice enjoyed The Lady's scritches and offered her a rearview.

Remember to stop back next Friday for brand new Fanglish terms.
Click here for the complete Fanglish dictionary!

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