Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Show Tunes and Cat Butts

Remember the post from yesterday? The one of Phoebe with her butt plopped on top of a stack of my clean dishtowels? It's not the best photo, but it struck a chord with me for a couple of reasons and I just can't stop looking at it and laughing. Obsess much? Why, yes I do. Thank you for asking.

Let me deconstruct it just a bit. First, look at her face. She's practicing what I like to call the Spinster move, with which we are all familiar. Her head turns just as the shutter snaps. Additionally, she is preparing to yawn, adding a component of boredom to the blatant rejection. I always like to pretend my cats are saying or singing something when I capture a yawn-tinged pic. Here I think she is perhaps singing a show tune. Like maybe something from West Side Story. Maybe "I Feel Pretty." 

Then there's the bottom half of the photo: the butt perched on the towels. To me, this is funny for a whole different reason. Cats love to sit on things, not matter how small. I've seen one of my cats lower his bottom onto a Post-It Note. The entire kitchen counter was clear (surprisingly) except for this little stack of towels. When I turned on the kitchen light and saw her sitting on those towels in the dark, I nearly lost my full morning bladder (gross, I know...sorry). I love thinking about her sitting in a dark kitchen singing show tunes. 

You see, when I post these photos with little captions, please know a lot of thought goes into them -- much more than actually shows up in the post...like more than should probably be spent.  This is why I can't seem to keep up with the laundry. Well, that and my towels keep getting filled with cat butt. 

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