Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Sandy

By now, it's clear many were affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy earlier this week. Some lost their home and all their belongings and are living in shelters. Some of those people share their home with companion animals and would never consider leaving them behind. World Vets, an international education and disaster relief organization is working closely with the local rescue organizations to provide aid where needed.

For now, they have provided links to articles and resources that contain valuable information for those affected. Please share this post and check the links often, as information may continue to be updated.

Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets Facebook page

Shelters Accommodating Pets

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Baltimore Shelters Preparing for Cleanup

To learn more about World Vets and their mission and relief efforts, visit their website or Facebook page. No matter where you live, a donation to their organization helps them better serve animals affected by disasters.


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