Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mr. Chewy: Mail Order Therapy for Procrastination

I've always been wary about ordering cat food online. Why? I have no valid explanation; I can only say I'm such procrastinator and wind up rushing to the store hours before feeding time because I'd put off buying cat food. I suppose ordering online would require me to think ahead. So I guess I'm more wary of myself, not ordering online. I was faced with my own lollygagging demons recently when Mr. Chewy offered me $50 in free product in order to try their online services. What's a poky girl to do?? Take them up on their offer, of course!

Surprised at the variety of cat and dog products, I clicked through the pages of their site and was happy to locate the brands of food my cats enjoy. And BONUS: the prices were comparable to what I pay in the store! Cosmo and Saffy eat the Wellness brand grain-free canned food and picky Phoebe won't eat anything but kibble so I've been feeding her the Taste of the Wild grain-free food.

I ordered the food late Friday night and received it Tuesday morning. Given it was over a weekend, I was impressed with the fast delivery. Oh, and delivery is FREE for orders of $49 or more! 

Overall, my experience shopping with Mr. Chewy was quick and easy. I'll still physically stop by the pet food store now and again, but no longer will I worry about ordering online. In fact, I will consider it therapy for ending my procrastination! I wonder if I can somehow write that off as an un-reimbursed medical expense? Ponder...

Mr. Chewy did not ask me to review their services; the $50 was a no-strings-attached gift. I'm also not one to tell readers what their cats should eat or how they should obtain their food. It's a personal choice and I respect those choices; however, if you have thought about ordering cat food online, I'd definitely recommend Mr. Chewy...and some chocolate for yourself (completely unrelated, but get yourself some chocolate).

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