Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catlady Heaven!

Last week I attended the BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, BlogPaws is a place where pet bloggers gather to learn, network, meet up with old and new friends, and have FUN! This year was no exception. Unfortunately, Catladyland didn't win the Nose-to-Nose Social Media Award for Best Humor Blog, but we were grateful to be a finalist and thrilled for Yasmine at Cat vs Human for her well-deserved win! 

One of the best parts of BlogPaws is hanging with my catlady friends. It's like catnip for the soul to bond with JaneA from Paws and Effect, Tamar from I Have Cat, Robin from Covered in Cat Hair, Deb from The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey, Kate from Moderncat, Amy from Sebastian the Sensitive Soul, Joanne from Tiniest Tiger, Ingrid from The Conscious Cat, Joseph and Robbin from TPPC.TV, Stephanie from Catsparella, Teri from Curlz and Swirlz, Rachel from We Have a Situation (and her cool mom), Caroline from Romeo the Cat, Janiss from Sparkle the Designer Cat, and Dorian from Your Daily Cute. I also met some great new friends like Peter from Vox Felina, Debbie from Glogirly, Amy from Love Meow, and Jaime from Thoughts Fur Paws. I only wish Caren from Cat Chat could have joined us; it was not the same without her smile.

Now I know you don't need proof that catladies (and cat gents) can rock it out, but here it is anyway!

Amy, Stephanie, Robin, me, and Tamar on awards night -- lookin' hot!!

JaneA, me, and Robin

Janiss, Debbie, and Tamar

Peter and Kate...how adorable are they??

Ingrid, Robin, me, and Sam...SMOOCH! I love me some Robin!

And there was kitty schwag! We always come back from BlogPaws with tons of goodies for the cats. This year, the favorites were both procured from the Moderncat/Jackson Galaxy Catification Lounge:

Phoebe inspects the new scratcher we won from the lounge.

I cannot tell you what a hit the Lickety Stick cat treat was!

And all these shenanigans wouldn't have been possible for me without the generous sponsorship of Royal Canin. This year, they are laser-focused on CATS! We received samples of their brand new spay/neuter cat food. I learned how nutritional needs change once a cat's hormones are altered post-spay/neuter. I am looking forward to offering this food to my cats and sharing the results with you. At the Royal Canin table was a super-cool Kitty Cam that streamed a live view from the Clowder House Foundation in St. Louis. During the conference, every time someone Tweeted with the hashtag #RoyalCaninGives, they donated a bowl of food to the adoptable, on-screen cats at Clowder House! Thanks so much to Beth, Lindsey, and whole wonderful team from Royal Canin -- I enjoyed getting to know you and am grateful for the delicious dinner Friday night!

Another shout-out to Dan and the team from Purina who treated some of us to a super-fun happy hour. It's always fun to hang out that them!

I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks, Yvonne, Tom, Chloe, Caroline, and the entire BlogPaws Team -- you did it again!   

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