Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No, I Will Not Stop Touching Your Ears

When I was cleaning the cats' toy basket yesterday, I found a wadded up Post-It note stuck to a jingle ball. I suspiciously un-crumpled the paper and saw Cosmo's hand-scrawled "What I Did Today" list. I knew it was his because it was written with a brown felt-tip pen (his favorite) and his left-pawed writing is easy to spot. He's been working on time management so I wasn't surprised, but was curious about the contents. I didn't think he'd mind, so I peeked. Here's what it said:

What I Did Today

  • Ate breakfast, sneaked the scraps from Phoebe's plate
  • Bathed (extra focus on ears; human woman won't stop touching them)
  • Watched Tivo'd Antiques Roadshow 
  • Looked for that old Cat Dancer toy (maybe it's worth something)
  • Napped
  • Another bath (hit those ears again)
  • Tried to find that milk jug ring that slid under the bookcase
  • Smelled Saffy's bottom (as a pick-me-up)
  • Napped
  • Violin lesson
  • Napped (violin lessons are hard)
  • Bathed (ears)
  • Jumped on counter and borrowed calculator
  • Figured out how many used catnip mice I need to sell on eBay so I can buy that rare Linda Ronstadt 45" album (answer: 12)
  • Sat in the window and smelled the air
  • Whapped Phoebe until she woke up
  • Played UNO with Phoebe
  • Quick Phoebe bottom-smell
  • Asked Phoebe to clean my ears
  • Napped with Phoebe
  • Wore fancy scarf and listened to Linda Ronstadt albums
  • Ate my dinner and a few bites of Phoebe's
Then there was a bunch of scribble that I could barely read. I think I made out the words, "password recovery" and "credit card," but that doesn't make any sense. I think he is making fine use of his time.

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