Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cat Postcards, Literal ROFLing, and My (lack of) Time Management

Those of you who are familiar with my Facebook page know how much I adore vintage cat postcards.  You know the ones: those sweet little images of kitties dressed as humans and partaking in people-behavior like shopping, playing tennis, and attending school.  These postcards send me into serious giggle fits and completely feed my addiction to "falling off my chair and literally ROFLing while looking at/thinking about cats acting as humans." Think I don't ROFL?  Think again.  I have my own "vintage" (well, it's from last summer) video footage of it.

I digress...  Back to the kitty cards!  Here are some of my favorites:

I love their open mouths, like they are having casual conversation.

Perfect how the artist paints them as human-like, but still captures the "cat" personality.

Main reason I love this one: little guy in the yellow shirt!

I like how the girl in the back looks worried and the other one is laughing!

You could create a thousand stories about this one.

I could look at these all day!  Some days I probably come pretty close. Shhhh.....

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