Friday, August 27, 2010

Laughing All the Way to Crazytown

I love to laugh and I laugh a lot. I am known to regularly chuckle until various beverages shoot out of my nose and I'm galloping to the bathroom for fear I'll undoubtedly pee my pants (most times I make it). And when I share uncontrollable giggles with certain individuals, it's almost guaranteed that I may just actually ROFL.

It's interesting that what one person thinks is funny makes the next person scratch their head and say, "whaaa?" I tend to lean toward the silly side of comedy... the more outrageous the better. I love thinking about scenarios that will probably never happen and imagine how people would react to/in those situations. Here are some examples of what I think is funny:

  • Cats in human clothing working people-jobs (typing, performing surgery, flipping burgers)
  • When a telemarketing person calls, answering every question with a single word like "nutmeg"
  • Imagining people with candy for body parts....Skittles for eyes or candy corn for teeth...maybe a gumdrop bellybutton
  • Getting a booth at a craft fair and selling something odd like milk jug lids, bent thumb tacks, or used tea bags
  • Cats driving taxi cabs and public buses (more of #1...see, I can't get enough!)
  • When a server asks what I'd like to order for dessert, saying "just a single chocolate chip and a Rolaids tablet"
  • Trying to pay for groceries with something bizarre like buttons or cat claw trimmings
  • RSVPing to a dinner party with a side note that I am on a candy-only diet

Now I'm rolling on the floor laughing....literally.

Soooo...are you laughing or are you scratching your head, saying "whaaaaa?" Maybe both. Or maybe you just stopped following my blog...


  1. Oh, I am so laughing...and fully understanding. HA.

  2. OMG I am soooo gonna do #2 next time. I love to mess with those people! Sometimes at a restaurant when a waiter asks if I'm ready to order, I say "yes, I'll take the left side of the menu, then bring me the right side shortly after" should see the looks!

    Great post! I want to know more of what makes you laugh :)

  3. I'm telling you...these thoughts go through my mind all day long. Sometimes I laugh when I'm all alone, assuring onlookers that I really am crazy.

    Tara, I LOVE the menu idea!

  4. NUTMEG! NUTMEG, I tell you! NUTMEG!!!!

    (Yeah, I'm crazy like that, too.)

  5. I am so using NUTMEG! next time a telemarketer calls me... It so beats my usual one of "Oh, yes, I am SO interested. Can you just hold on for a sec" Followed by, "I just need another minute". They usually hang up on me!

  6. Yes, Angie, I totally get you, and think that if you were a fly on the wall when my sister and I go to the supermarket, you would die laughing. We are just random and loud and leave a trail of people scratching their heads in our wake... jut yesterday we were dancing to music nobody could hear in the bath products section and this woman said, " I can't hear the music" to which I replied, "That' cause it's in our heads" and my sister added, "You don't know, we could be really excellent dancers." Commence head scratching... long live randomosity!

  7. Jeff, I would LOVE to supermarket-dance with you and your sister!!


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