Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Miracle Rescue, Kitten Snuggles, Happy Catladies, and Thank Goodness my Husband is Neutered

You know those mothers who hold an infant and suddenly feel the urge to have another one?  I am the mother of two teenagers, have held many infants since the birth of my two, and have NEVER felt the yearning (not even half a thimble of yearning) for another baby.  After the birth of my second, I promptly had my husband neutered and that was that.  Now kittens, on the other hand... I can hold a kitten and the kind of urge I feel is to stash that baby in my purse and make a break for it.  I could hold kittens all day long.  And I'm really, really good at it.  I think if anyone were looking for a kitten-holding expert, they'd hit the jackpot with me.

All this kitten talk is really going somewhere -- I promise.  Many of you know last week I was in the D.C. area attending the BlogPaws pet blogger conference.  On Friday night, I wandered into the hotel lobby and saw many of my cat-blogging friends lounging, laughing, and holding kittens!!  My desire to cash in my free drink ticket went right out the window and my kitten-radar zoomed in on the babies...especially one little girl named Blaze, who resembled my own Phoebe (and not by just a little)!

We learned the babies and their mama, Amberly, had just been transported by Georgia rescuers, Maria and Bobby to the hotel, where they landed in the safe arms of Robin, the rescue-queen from Covered in Cat Hair.  She and Sam would then take them back to their home in Connecticut and work with Kitten Associates (who also helped immensely and immediately with financial support surrounding the cats' care and transport) to make sure they found loving forever homes.  The story is truly a miracle and you can read it in its entirety on a more detailed post I wrote for Life With Cats.

Now back to the subject of holding kittens!!  We catladies were truly in our element and probably could have stayed in that lobby all night, loving on those babies.  In fact, after some of us went out to dinner, a few of us went back to Robin's hotel room for more kitten playtime.  

Here are some of the photos from that night:

Tamar from I Have Cat cuddles a Petie look-alike named Jack LiLac!

Ingrid from The Conscious Cat, holding Truffles, is a tortie-whisperer!

Here I am, getting a serious smooch from the Phoebe-twin, Blaze.

Nicky from Mew Brew borrows Blaze for awhile.

Caren from Cat Chat doing the two-step with Truffles

Caren, Joanne from Tiniest Tiger, and Tamar with Truffles and Flat Gracey

Dorian from Your Daily Cute gets a giant dose of cute from Truffles.

Sachie from My Himalayan Cat, Goma and Kate from Moderncat share some Jack LiLac snuggles.

A clowder of catladies!  Deb from Zee & Zoey, Ingrid, Sachie, Kate, Tamar, Robin from Covered in Cat Hair, Amy from Sebastian, the Sensitive Soul, me, Dorian, and Caren sharing the shot with Jack and Truffles.

The rescue team!  Sam, Robin, Bobby, and Maria (seated with Mama Amberly)

Amberly and the kittens' care expenses have added up -- please consider making a contribution by clicking on the ChipIn widget below.  Also, those sweet babies and their beautiful mama are available for adoption via Kitten Associates.

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