Thursday, September 15, 2011

Could You Say No to That Face??


All animals are beautiful and deserve a chance...even the ones that need a little more care and understanding than others. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are often overlooked at shelters. September 17-25, Petfinder is asking for help promoting these special pets, encouraging the public to give a chance to those who might not have gotten a second glance. How can you say no to a face like this?

Mr. Magoo is currently available for adoption at a Newark DE shelter. He is 50-70% visually impaired, but will offer some lucky human 100% of the love in his heart. You can learn more about him and other less-adoptable pets at the gallery on Petfinder.

If you write a blog or website, please grab one of these badges and post an article next week, creating awareness about and encouraging adoption of these very special pets. If you don't write a blog/site, please link to Petfinder's gallery or one of the many articles that will be published next week on your favorite pet blogs and sites (hint, hint...).

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