Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blown Away by BlogPaws

Well, it's Sunday morning, BlogPaws is officially over, and Hurricane Irene has not appeared to affect my flight.  Upon my return home, I shall post some fun photos of friends, general silliness, and some fine cats and kittens I met at the conference.  Speaking of cats, I'm pretty sure I will receive the stink-eye from my three when I get home.  Cosmo holds a grudge if I'm gone for a night...this has been a four-night separation.  Perhaps I'll open the front door and throw all the cat swag in ahead of me.  Then they might forgive me..maybe.

While you are awaiting BlogPaws photos, please enjoy this one of my friend Nicky (the talent behind the hilarious new blog, Mew Brew) and me hanging on for dear life, in the clutches of Irene.

And I wonder why my kids are embarrassed... At least my cats don't care -- as long as I open the cans.

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