Friday, April 8, 2011

There's a Giant Cat Peeking Through my Wall!!

I love cat art and have even started collecting a few items that make me smile.  It was perfect timing when Easy Canvas Prints asked if I'd like to try their service and review the results.  Please note that I am not one to accept every product review offer extended my way.  I am very choosy because Catladyland is a humor blog, not a marketplace.  I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to add a Giant Phoebe Face to my new collection.  And when I say Giant Phoebe Face, here's what I mean:

the original photo
I wasn't kidding. Phoebe is absolutely an "in your face" cat, so this literal photo represents her perfectly.  Last Tuesday I went to work creating my canvas art on their website.  It was super-easy and I was able to switch photos and sizes easily.  I tried Giant Phoebe Face in a 12 x 12, but lost some of her fuzzy cheekage so decided to go with the 11x14.  Would you believe my canvas arrived on Saturday?  That's just four days after the initial creation!  I was pleased with the speedy delivery as well as the quality.  Here's how Giant Phoebe Face looks hanging in my entry way.

My husband says it looks like she is peeking out of a giant hole in the wall!  Ha! Now whenever visitors enter my home they receive an up-close-and-personal greeting from Phoebe.

I'd always wondered about the quality of canvas reprints and was afraid to try one for fear it would look a little tacky, but I was very pleasantly surprised and am now looking for opportunities for in-your-face shots of Saffy and Cosmo to add to my collection!  If you ever decide to try a canvas reprint, I'd recommend Easy Canvas Prints.  If you decide to check out their site, you can find them on Catladyland's right side bar.

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