Monday, February 28, 2011

Life With Cats is HERE!!

Are you ready for the best news you will hear all day?  It's a big day is the cat-lovin' world because Life With Cats is live and ready to serve up a heaping bowl-full of delicious feline news, tasty cat videos, and more each and every day!

Life With Cats is the brain child Neil Brogan (father to Nigel Buggers and crew) of the wildly popular Life With Dogs site and I am tickled pink to be a part of the Life With Cats staff, along with Karen Harrison Binette (best known as mother to the handsome mancat, Tuppy Glossop), and Nicky Westbrook (best known as mother to the rotund and always entertaining Hector).

At Life With Cats, we promise to bring you the very best in all things cat.  From the latest studies on cat health and behavior to the most recent heart-warming rescue tale to the silliest kitt-er-iffic videos -- we will have it all for you in one spot!  And guess what?  We even have a Life With Cats Facebook page that's packed with even more savory nuggets of information and fun!

And don't worry, Catladyland friends -- Saffy, Cosmo, and Phoebe aren't going anywhere.  You will still see the daily comics, ridiculous commentary, and general shenanigans to which you've become accustomed here at Catladyland.  And I'm not going anywhere; just simply dipping my paws in a new project.

So please, prance over to Life With Cats and load up on kitty goodness -- stick around a while and we'll even refill your bowl!

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