Monday, January 3, 2011

Cats are Funny!!!

Cats are funny.  A few weeks ago I thought that might have actually been a great title for my blog -- or at least a tag line.  I started this blog because I love humorous writing and cats make me laugh.  A lot.  From the expressions on their faces to their roly-poly antics to their quirky personalities...they constantly entertain me!  Today I thought I'd post a few pictures of my cats that particularly send me into fits of giggles. 

Skittish Cosmo is suspicious of the intruder.

I use this pic quite often -- cranky, thy name is Cosmo.

Cosmo:  Master of the angry snuggle

This one perfectly captures Phoebe's sassy personality.

Yee Haw!!  No wonder he's always cranky, right?

Thank goodness sweet Saffy is forgiving...

From my Katt Food blog -- picnic stowaway!  Love his face.

A recent post on Katt Food -- I can never get enough fresh cat fruit.

My Katt Food header pic -- everything about Phoebe in this one makes me laugh...and want pasta.

Happy Monday!! 

Remember to laugh, don't take yourself too seriously, hug your cats, and savor each moment.

Oh!  A little bird told me Judi is having a birthday celebration over at Sammy and Andy's Place!  Happy Birthday, Judi!! May your day be filled with loads of laughter and love!


  1. Cats really do make the funniest faces don't they? And they can twist and turn their body to fit in anything. Love the photo of Phoebe in the pasta strainer ~ too cute!
    xo Catherine

  2. Thanks for the smiles! These are all hysterical!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Love the pictures. The one with cosmo wearing his hat kills me! When I need a laugh throughout today, i will think of this post and his picture! Happy Monday!

  4. We love the "angry snuggle'! Lots of things can make us kittehs crabilated.

  5. Yes, cat's make me laugh but you send me into hysterics with your writing. I love it. I'm so glad our paths crossed in blogland. The strainer pic is my favorite. Cats do the silliest things. I get the most laughs from our Sierra. Probably because she's awake the longest. Have a great day, Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  6. Love the angry snuggle. It made me laugh everytime I would pick up Utah the foster kitten and she would make that face. :) Great pics...

  7. Trust me, I think my Annie can out-crab just about any kitty. LOL.

    Loved all the pics!

  8. Mama says she agrees, cats are so much fun!!!

    We are thank you so very much for helping us celebrate her birthday today. xxxxxxxxx

  9. I do not know how you get such funny pics of your cats. Charlie just looks at me like what??? He is not a good poser nor as funny as yours, still he is my best friend for sure. hugs, Linda

  10. Where do you purchase Fresh Cat Fruit? All I can get are stale ones.

  11. Great pictures! I love the first one with Cosmo in the background, kind of like "Wheres Waldo"

  12. My mom said people who got no cats, they got no idea what we ( cat lovers ) been through everyday.... " Unlimited cracked up laughing " : )

    Saffy, I got no idea what wrong with my mommy after she look at your photos, she laughs so hard she fall off her chair and then cant get up again. I better go to have a look. Human is weird !

  13. I LOVE those sweet faces and that angry snuggle..OH yes!

  14. Cats are funny! That's why there are over 500,000 cat videos on YouTube. I love mine too!

  15. Oh I couldn't agree more - there's nothing like cat antics to save the day. The other day someone posted a blog about being tagged and having to describe which 5 words they use the most... for me it would be something like:
    1. Aww, look...
    2. Aww, look...
    3. Aww, look...
    4. Aww, look...
    5. Aww, look...
    They entertain me 24/7!
    Big hug :-)

  16. Those made us chuckle a little...but we feel for Cosmo and Sassy in those hats...we don't like wearing hats much either!!

  17. lovin' the laughing!!! Lovin' your babies, as always!


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