Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mashed Blogtatoes

Today's post is sort of a mish-mash...a collage...a patchwork...a hodgepodge.  On a side note, don't you think it would be cute to be friends with a hedgehog named Hodgepodge?  Me too.

I'd say the hedgehog diversion took me off course, but how could I possibly digress on a post that has no real theme?  I love it when my well-honed skill of distraction actually pays off.

Since you are reading my blog, I can only assume you like cats and you might think I am a pretty OK person as well.  Judging from those two qualifiers, I can only assume that you want to see a picture of me in my Halloween costume.  This year, I dressed as Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess!

The only challenging part about this costume was the eye make-up.  I don't usually wear much make-up and my artistic style is naturally kind of like Impressionism. Cat eyes need detail!  Maybe I should have gone as a Monet painting.  Whatever the case, it was a fun costume and I had a great Halloween!

Moving on... Look what Fed Ex delivered yesterday!

A cat butt!!  Everyone was very excited and lots of celebratory butt-sniffing ensued.  Just to be clear, the cats sniffed cat-butt... I fully admit to being slightly (mostly) off-kilter, but I do draw the line at cat-butt-sniffing.

Lastly, I want to thank Sharon from Random Thoughts for awarding Catladyland this fantastic award!  Sharon is a new friend, a fellow writer, and an animal lover.  You really should check out her blog...she's a sweetheart! Sharon, I am grateful for the award and your friendship.

There you go!  Hope you enjoyed your giant serving of mashed blogtatoes!  Have a terrific Tuesday and remember to kiss your cats, express your gratitude, act silly, laugh at yourself, be kind, get out and vote, and eat some chocolate.  I will be doing ALL of the above...maybe at the same time.


  1. O Mighty Goddess,
    I wonder...ehem....if hedgehogs are tasty....purrr...meow!

  2. Angie...I bow down to you...(Seriously, you looked awesome in your costume!)

    Don' you just love that if there is a box cats must jump in it? Our cat, Ginger (who is almost 13) likes to jump in and out of the laundry basket. What's funny is she just started doing it in the last few months???

  3. Bast would be very proud of that costume.

    I follow a hedge hog on twitter, Hellahedgie.
    She is quite a delight, her mom explains how she takes care of her if you ask.

    Concatulations on your award!

  4. That's a cool costume! Congratulations on your award!

  5. Love the costume and mommy laughed out loud at the reference to Monet. She said you looked exotic and pretty.
    Love your awardie. You deserve it as you sure are fun to come and visit.

  6. Great award! Hey, we order those boxes of cat butts quite often!

  7. I will be friends with "HodgePodge!" What a cute name!!
    Loved your Halloween costume you exotic lady you!!
    The delivery of "cat butt" was hilarious!!! Dakota will be right over to do his very favorite thing in the world....sniffing cat butts!!!

  8. ohhh and I forgot to say CONCATULATIONS on your WONDERFUL AWARD!! xoxo

  9. Congrats on the award! I love, love, LOVE your costume!!!!

  10. Love your costume! And who doesn't love a cute cat butt picture!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Hi Angie,
    thanks for dropping by to meet us. Poppy Q is enjoying her boxes too, and if I can't find her I have to search through them to see where she is.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. I love your costume!!! You look great! Congrats on your award!!!! Go Girl!

  13. Admit it, you HAVE whiffed the purple starfish, albeit inadverdently. We all have.

    Nice costume!


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