Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Time Traveler's Strife

Weary of Phoebe's constant bullying, Saffy dreamed of traveling back in time and becoming a stronger, more confident woman.  One day, when Phoebe was sleeping soundly on Mama's bed, she constructed a magical time machine.  At the last minute, she remembered to grab her favorite toys for the journey.

First, she decided to try on the persona of someone Audrey Hepburn, but the pants felt a little too tight and uncomfortable.

Then she decided to go back in time a little further and see what it would be like to be someone very smart like Marie Curie; however, lack of opposable thumbs resulted in nothing but broken beakers.

She thought that perhaps if she went back even further and slipped on the brave armor of someone like Joan of Arc, she'd know what it felt like to stand up for herself.  Alas, the voices in her head told her to return home.

Upon her return, she made a very important decision.  Maybe she didn't need to change at all.  Maybe Phoebe needed to be packed up and sent away on a very, very long trip!


  1. What an imagination you have Phoebe - but really there is no place like home!

  2. Oh you sweet baby!

    Maybe a fairly will come and whisper to Phoebe to be a good girl and maybe the fairy will shake a little kitty dust on you to make you just an eensy bit more brave.


  3. What a little cutie you are! You can ship yourself to our house if you'd like!

  4. Lol great pictures! She belongs at home with her mom anyway :)

  5. awww Phoebe!! I bet you really love your sister, but your pics were hilarious!

  6. You're such a cutie Phoebe!!! Thanks for hopping blogs with me today, was fun!

  7. WE came over from Brian's Thankful Fur 3 Thursday posting. It is furry nice to meet you.


  8. Haha!! We like your last plan, Saffy! Phoebe doesn't have a clue!!

  9. Cute post! I came over from Brian's house.:-) I'm a writer too.

  10. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! We'll add you to our blogroll. You can send Phoebe our way!

  11. Fun post! Saffy is so pretty - she looks very much like my old grumpy, Oscar kitty. (I'm guessing he's bigger than her though!) --Tammy


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