Friday, September 24, 2010

Tape: A Cautionary Tale

Caution tape is such an interesting item. It's meant to alert people to a potentially dangerous situation, although sometimes it's used for decoration or as a joke. I was just thinking that I might like to carry a roll of caution tape in my purse -- I can imagine a variety of reasons why I would use a strip of that tell-tale yellow warning-ness.

  • I would wear it like a Miss America sash on days when I'm wearing my crabby pants and want to be left alone.

  • I would lay a piece of it across poor little Phoebe at night so Cosmo would let-up on the midnight booty calls. (He is neutered, by the way...he just tries to enjoy a little phantom-fornication while everyone else is trying to sleep).

  • I would place a small strip of it on the dish containing the last piece of cake. It's mine!

  • I would hang caution tape over my teenage son's tennis shoes...simply to remind myself to steer clear of those malodorous beasts.

  • I would stretch a piece in front of me for those instances when "close-talkers" try to invade my personal bubble. If that didn't work, I would use the tape to strangle said "close-talker."

See? There are all sorts of practical uses for caution tape -- the ones above are just a start!  Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if I could buy it by the case...


  1. There are so many uses for it, everyone might benefit from some caution tape on-hand. I'd use it to reserve my parking space at work!

  2. LOL!!! That is a fantastic idea! I think I need a roll too!

  3. LOL! I like the strangle option the best. On second thought, you need "Crime Scene Do Not Cross" for that one!

  4. My Dad put some by our litter box...that really wasn't funny!

  5. I would lay a big piece of tape right across my food dish to keep Binga away! Doubt it would work, though.

  6. We would love for those "close-talkers", too!


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