Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saffy Says... Shake Your Happy Tails!

As you know, I just had the opportunity to attend BlogPaws West, a conference for pet bloggers.  My favorite part of the conference was connecting with other bloggers and learning about the fun and inspirational work they do everyday.  Saffy suggested I write a series of posts featuring some of these blogs.  I thought her idea was pawsitively fantastic!

Kyla Duffy founded Happy Tails Books, a company that publishes books with successful dog (and soon cat) adoption stories.  Through Happy Tails Books, she enjoys raising awareness and funding for pet rescue efforts.  When I met Kyla, I was immediately struck by her warm friendliness, enthusiasm, and creativity! 

She performed an aeriel fabric routine at the opening program of BlogPaws West -- it was amazing!  The message of the performance conveyed the importance of ending puppy mills.  What a shining example of combining the arts with a great purpose!  This is all part of Kyla's most recent endeavor, Up for Pups!  This organization offers unique, memorable humane education presentations that marry cirque-style aerial fabric and humor to impart messages about creative volunteerism, puppy mills, animal rescue, and other related topics.

Also, Happy Tails books is still accepting cat adoption stories.  Please visit the website and click on "Share a Tail."

As you can tell, I was very excited to meet Kyla and learn about all the wonderful things she is doing to help pets -- go ahead, check out her sites!

Stay tuned for the next featured blogger post!


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting us today!! We heard about you through your nomination for the Pettie Award at BlogPaws.

    Thanks for introducing us to some of the other bloggers that attended!! We'll check them out!!
    (Our mom wanted to go to BlogPaws, but it just didn't work out...she says next time for sure!)

    We'll visit again!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Our mom really wants to attend a BlogPaws, but there needs to be one closer to us. (She's a neurotic mess on a plane)

  3. My human thought Kyla was awesome! She had the pleasure of sitting next to her at the Petties luncheon, and had so much fun talking with her about being an aerialist and about book publishing. She is a very interesting and inspiring human!

  4. Kyla sounds like my kind of human, the very kind kind that everyone needs! I sure do enjoy hearing about BlogPaws, thanks!

  5. Saffy thanks so much for suggesting that your Mom introduce us to Kyla. I found the information about Happy Tails Books to be so interesting!!!

    Love the title!


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