Monday, September 13, 2010

Man Cat Monday: What is a Real Man Cat?

Because Cosmo thinks everyone calls him a "mama's boy," he wants me to help him dispel that myth and assure you his masculinity is in no way compromised.  He asked me to post these pictures and he would supply the comments.

Real Man Cats get served by their mommies.  We even look astonishingly handsome whilst waiting.
Real Man Cats love to be held by their mommies, even if we look a little crabby sometimes. 
Real Man Cats love mommy-smooches... even if some of us drool a little.
Real Man Cats like a good mommy-snuggle...especially if a fuzzy blanket is involved.
There!  Now if you'll excuse me, my mommy wants me to join her on the sofa to watch Steel Magnolias.  Don't judge me!!  Grrrrrrr..... (are you intimidated by my manliness?)


  1. Cosmo, it is clear that you are the manliest of Mancats!

  2. Cosmo, we think you're ALL mancat! And ya know what??? We have the same fuzzy blanket too!!!

  3. You tell them Cosmo, us real Mancats can do whatever we durn well please!

  4. Who has been questioning your mancatliness, Cosmo? I think this post will set them straight!

  5. Cosmo, You Da Man(Cat)!

    Some of us have also been spotted dribbling...there's no shame in a little drool.

  6. A gentleman is not afraid to admit to being loved and showing his feelings-sometimes. Of course, one must remain a little mysterious and not always wear "one's whiskers on one's sleeve."

  7. You are definitely a handsome mancat. I love snuggling with my mancat too! Glad I found your blog through Sparkle. Am now following.

  8. Alex wanted me to tell Cosmo that there is nothing wrong with snuggling with mommy, and watching chick flicks. He finds that it helps speed up his breakfast service in the AM! he does the same thing.....

  9. Cosmo, we certainly think you are a very manly cat. We like to do all the same things. We love to snuggle with the Mom. Great pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Hi Cosmo, We just saw you mentioned on Sparkles blog and wanted to come by and say hi! You're a very ManCatly ManCat.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Hi Cosmo, When my husband met my cats, he knew my priorities. He wasn't deterred! And he loves cats.
    Pet News and Views


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