Friday, August 13, 2010

Cat Food III: Loafing Around

Who doesn't love a nice hunk of fresh, warm bread? Sometimes when I am bread shopping, I have trouble deciding which type to purchase. Do you have the same trouble? I found a couple of tasty loaves that I particularly enjoy -- I'm sure you will too.

Just a little hungry? I'm certain that this Small Loaf Cat will satisfy your craving. It's nutty and packed with a variety of energy-boosting nuggets of savory sass....every bite is a delicious surprise!

Is your appetite a little more ravenous? Is your tummy growling like a tiger? Perhaps you'd prefer the Large Cat Loaf. It's more robust and brimming with doughy goodness...perfect for enjoying on a warm fall day, perhaps with a bowl of homemade chili.

However you slice it, these loaves are sure to satisfy!


  1. They are so cute... And so cooperative! did you find them that way or pose them?

  2. I set the bread container on the floor and waited for them to climb inside. Then I placed it on the counter. Saffy, the big grey one is a fabulously patient model! Thanks!


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