Sunday, July 11, 2010


Just when you thought everything was pretty stable in Catladyland, here I go changing things all over the place. See, I've been thinking (hope your Hazmat suit is at the ready) about my writing a lot lately and even submitted some tidbits for publication. I've had my writing published in the past, but recently haven't focused on much more than my blog. I'm ready to expand again. No, I'm not talking about expansion with regard to the six desserts I ate on the 4th of July, although that piece of Key Lime pie truly expanded my mind, taking me to a new level of Deliciousville. I won't discuss the expansion of my waistline. In Deliciousville, you can eat all you want and never gain a pound. I'm thinking of buying a timeshare.

Oh my, how I digress, especially when distracted by food! Back to my real point..what was it? Oh, yes -- expanding my sights on writing. OK, I proudly call myself "eclectic" and think that Eclectic Catladyland was an accurate representation of my life. I love cats, my family, music, bizarre products found in obscure magazines, food, word games, bacon (food, I know...but bacon is the mayor of Deliciousville so it gets its own category), sewing, writing, strange people, and a host of other interests.

So yes, my life feels pretty eclectic. But even I have trouble spelling Thank heaven for bookmarks and links -- it's just a mouthful to type and say. Plus, after reading my writing for a while, the "eclectic" part is implied. So....plain old Catladyland is where I landed. But plain? Not so much. I've never once been accused of being plain (with the exception of "plain crazy") and I'm not about to start now. I changed my blog's name, created a page on Facebook for it ("like" it, already!), and am even working on a website ( -- it's not up and running yet, but soon). For those of you who normally read my posts via Facebook, I will only post the links on the Catladyland page now -- not on my personal wall.

I hope you will continue to be a regular visitor and tell your friends to stop over for a visit! The only thing that would make life even better in Catladyland? Mayor Bacon. I'm pretty chummy with him so we'll see about that...

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