Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Cats are Visionaries

I am a visualizer. I know that if I can see an end result and really feel it, it will come to pass. I've seen it happen time and time again with everything from meeting deadlines for work to buying a house. Today I feel particularly motivated about a couple of projects and have been diligently envisioning successful results as well as creating concrete action plans that pave my path.

My cats are equally as excited about their own projects and are very diligent in the art of visualizing outcomes. Take a look...

Cosmo visualizes the perfect toy for his morning shenanigans. Something catnippy that will absorb drool, perhaps...

Phoebe's visualization has already materialized -- she has once again successfully persuaded me to remove her food from her bowl and feed her on the floor. Seriously...that's the only way the cat will eat.

And sweet Saffy....when she's sleeping, she's visualizing her next meal and when she's eating, she's visualizing her next nap.

next visualization: a clean house. Hmmm...Saffy seems to have a lot of time on her paws...


  1. Heh. Cosmo looks so serious in his deliberation!

  2. I visualize finishing this cup of coffee and still feeling groggy :)

    Such cute kitties.


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