Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dabbling in Fastidious Daydreaming

I've previously written about my challenge with sticking with a project or hobby. I exude so much enthusiasm when I begin something, but in a few months (sometimes days) the feverish fancy fizzles and I am stuck with a tub of art supplies, beads, or some crazy thing that I swear I will pick up again later. I decided to embrace this part of myself and instead of labeling myself a "quitter," proudly wear the badge of "dabbler." Seriously...I possess partial skills in so many areas, but am not truly excellent in any one area. In my entire life, this blog is the only creative project with which I've stuck -- and I've been blissfully blogging for 16 months.

I was thinking about other ways I could turn my shortcomings around into more constructive classifications...

  1. I'm not procrastinating -- I'm meditating on possibilities.
  2. I'm not flaky -- I am a fastidious daydreamer.
  3. I am not impatient -- I am results-oriented.
  4. I don't create piles of paper on my kitchen table-- I am just really skilled at stacking things.
  5. I never throw out important receipts, gift cards, and money -- See #2.
  6. I'm not moody -- I am an emotional symphony.

There. I feel much better now -- much more positive about my quirks and imperfections. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some very important paper-stacking that is waiting for me.


  1. an emotional symphony. I love that! I am also a skilled stacker. Can you multi-task? I forgot to ask you that. I can't. I just can't. Not well anyway.

  2. Emotional Symphony -- sounds like a song title. Love it.

    Where do you find your post images? They are always wonderful and mine suck donkey.

  3. Marissa -- go to There are SO many great, royalty-free images there.

    Nicky -- I am not a great multi-tasker. I start something and then get distracted with something else and so on and so on...


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