Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glitzy, Purpley, Quirky Bliss

I was hoping that my next update on my 40 Before 40 progress would be a little more exciting and brimming with multiple stories of accomplishment. Alas, I have no such update. I can say that my mindfulness has improved and I feel more relaxed and happy as I approach my birthday in March. This in itself is a goal that feels more significant than all the others X 20. Because I feel more mindful, I am spending more time in meditation and my relationships (including the one with myself) have felt more fulfilling. I even went an entire day without complaining about anything... thank goodness for good coffee and excellent tongue-biting skills (that sounds sort of weird). As far as the other goals, I do have a bit of a status update:

#34: I finally pained my nails with glitter nail polish. Yes, I feel a little bit glitzy...thank you for asking.

#3: I bought a pattern for a great skirt and today I am going to shop for some funky fabric. Now it's just a matter of coordinating with my friend so she can tell me what to do with all the papery looking cut-out thingies in the pattern package. And I have no idea what twill-tape is, but apparently I need to buy some.

#20: I wrote three haiku poems...they were simple and through the voice of my cats, but that counts, right? Actually, I think I should get extra points for cat-poetry channeling.

So I'm making progress and enjoying myself along the way. I suppose that's the whole point of life, make progress and enjoy one's self on the journey. And seriously... how can anyone feel anything but quirky bliss when sporting purple glitter nail polish?


  1. Nice nail polish. If you want more impact, put a plain purple polish underneath the glitter one. (don't say that 3 times quickly LOL)

    Enjoy your journey to THAT number :)

  2. I once painted my toes a silver glitter color. Then I realized drawing glitter ball attention to my size 11, calloused dogs was foolish lol but funky.

    Your hands look lovely, however.


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