Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poetry that Sizzles

I love writing. I love bacon. Hence, the marriage of the two shall commence. Pull up a chair and nibble on a piece of my bacon poetry.

Bacon Haiku

A blissful bouquet
Dancing in the frying pan
Thick-cut tastes the best

Bacon Limerick

There once was a cat who was taken,
By a suave tabby who was Jamaican.
She loved all but one quirk,
He quite smelled of jerk,
So she bought him cologne made with bacon.

Ode to Bacon

Ambrosial aroma diffuses the daybreak.
It saturates my senses
with a sublime smell
that is my favorite alarm clock.

The sizzle on the stove
is sometimes sweet-tempered and gentle,
a morning meditation.

Often the sizzle is severe,
firing furiously and frantically,
a savory storm.

The journey from the pan
to my impatient palate
echoes eternity.

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