Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I Know Today

I'm feeling just a smidgen overwhelmed today so I thought it would be a good time to sit down and list the things on which I am pondering.

* Cats make the best lap warmers -- there's a Phoebe nestled in the criss-cross of my legs right now. Cosmo wanted some mama-lap time, but I didn't feel like hauling out the tarp to lay across my legs. Yeah...he's still a drooly-puss...bless his moist little kitty heart.

* I don't remember a recent time when I felt as tired as I do today. With a craft fair approaching this weekend, I don't have the luxury of going back to bed, even on my day off. Thus, with the Costco-sized mug of coffee in my hands, I shall tackle the day, one stitch at a time. I slept nearly 11 hours last night and could crash again right this second. Maybe my family drugged me so they could enjoy a leisurely evening minus the soothing hum (not) of the sewing machine.

* I just noticed that I've logged 93 entries since I set sail into the open waters of the deep blue Blogspot. I'd originally planned on posting a minimum of two blogs a week, which means I'd end the year with...wait...math-in-head-skills initiated...104. Is that right? Anyway, 104-93 = ...counting-on-fingers-math-skills-initiated...seriously.shut up. 11! There you go -- I have 11 entries to post in order to meet my goal -- ten, if you count this one, which, of course, I do. I am determined to make this goal even if it means that I post an entry with only a picture of Cosmo trying to get it on with my stuffed bear. Don't even think I won't post it and don't question for a millisecond that aforementioned photo does not exist.

* Here are the things that are not getting done because of my love affair with the sewing machine:

1. The coffee maker needs some serious cleaning. After all, it is the caffeine-rich placenta that is keeping me alive these days. That was kind of gross, right?

2. I have absolutely no ideas what is in my fridge right now. The containers filled with outdated, unidentifiable items are simply an annoyance to my reaching the Zip-lock bags of leftover pizza.

3. There's still some laundry that needs to be folded and put away. I either need to do it, decide that wrinkles are my new look, or psychically will the cats to take care of this task. At this point, the last option is the most feasible.

4. I need the oil changed in my van. I wish there were a service that came out to my house and did this for me. Hey -- the cats are small and nimble...and they are always trying to get into the garage...

I probably could be doing any one of these four items right now, but see... I have to get going on these blog entries if I want to meet my goal. And I have only so many smutty cat/stuffed bear photos to post...

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