Saturday, April 18, 2009

That Rascally Rabbit!

Meet Phoebe, 6.5 lbs of cunning kit-kattery. Although Cosmo and Saffy outweigh her twice over, she is the self-proclaimed queen of the castle. Her fur is as soft as a rabbit, for which we bestowed upon her the nickname, "Bunny." This faux-rabbit is a very funny bunny; because of her affinity to steal household objects and food items, we sometimes suspect that she is more raccoon than rabbit. In her three short years, she has managed to make off with a number of household items, including but not limited to: bracelets, earrings, Halloween candy, a popsicle, Pokemon cards, a stick of butter, and dental floss. She plots and plans her heists and then, when no one is looking, jumps on the furniture or counter and hot-foots with her spoils. It we are lucky to catch the flash of fur darting down the stairs, we can sometimes corner her and pry the loot from her tiny teeth. Once, she lifted my mother's turquoise bracelet from the dresser and dashed inside her kitty cube. Mom reached inside, snatched the bracelet, and before she could remove her hand, Phoebe's lightning-fast paw grabbed it right back. In hopes of coming upon uneaten snacks, she enjoys rifling through Ben's backpack. On occasion, we'll find plastic bags with chewed corners resting in a pile of Cheez-it crumbs. The best story by far involves an alligator meat stick and a Bloody Mary. John placed his beverage on an upper book shelf while he was cooking. Half an hour later, we noticed the alligator meat stir-stick was missing, but the glass was untouched -- none of the drink was spilled. Upon further inspection, we found a half-chewed gator stick plopped in the middle of the entryway and a tiny tabby-calico cat crashed in the basement. How she removed the stick from the tall glass without any spillage, we'll never know... but my guess is that her tummy learned its lesson. Perhaps someday we'll find her treasure trove of our pillaged property. Maybe she has a hidden lair for her loot, a party room of sorts. I think of this room as Woodstock's tricked-out birdhouse in The Easter Beagle. She probably drapes herself in beads and baubles and snacks on Cheez-it crackers and Tootsie Rolls. Maybe she invites Cosmo over to play a few Pokemon battles and plays dress up with Saffy. The depth of her buccaneering-bunny lifestyle, I'll never know, but I think I finally know what happened to my lipstick...


  1. that's great! Some cats are more like dogs. My sister's cat Stuart is like that and so is Hector to a degree but not like Stuart and Phoebe. Those are Brody's shoes in that picture. She must have made off with those too.

  2. All that and gorgeous too!! You are such a good writer...I'm still laughing. Thanks for brightening my morning Angie!


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