Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lily-Nostrils, Cave-Peeking, and Other Reasons to be Happy

It's the weekend, which is enough to celebrate. Here are some other reasons why I am happy today:

1. I slept until 6am, which is "sleeping in" for me. I could have slept later, except Cosmo to chose circle the bed, serenading me like a traveling minstrel.

2. We are going to explore caves today. Spelunking in St. Paul? No, please don't imagine me doing anything remotely atheletic. I think I'll just be cave-peeking.

3. We'll be visiting with family tomorrow and eating delicious food that is fatty and full of Easter goodness. The Easter Bunny knows I love ham. What if I received a slice of ham and side of cheesy potatoes in my Easter basket? Messy, but I'd totally pick through the Easter grass.

4. I'd like to slide some bunny ears on Cosmo. He's naturally cranky and I like to embarrass him with fancy outfits. He secretly likes it.

5. I love to smell lilies and hope to have the opportunity to smell one sometime this weekend. I wish I could attach a lily to my nostril and smell it all day long. Is that weird?

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