Thursday, April 2, 2009

Candied Bacon Martini... Make it a Double

It's been at least a few weeks since I've featured anything bacon-related on my blog. A couple of my friends found some doozies yesterday so I thought I'd take you on an enchanting escape to Baconville, where today's blue plate special includes some very special bacon-flavored goodies.

What better apparatus to scrape those residual bacon bits from between your toothies than more bacon -- flavored floss, that is. I know when I ponder dental hygiene, I just can't help thinking of BACON!! Nine out of ten pork enthusiasts agree: bacon flavored floss is the cure for even the most pork-packed-bicuspids.

No bacon in the fridge, no worries. Aren't you glad you purchased that bottle of Squeez Bacon? This 100% bacon paste from Sweden boasts a squeeze nozzle that releases the porky paste in the shape of actual bacon strips. And their motto? "If it's edible, it's better with Squeez Bacon!" As much as I adore some smoky, crispy goodness, I am not certain I can buy into their promise of bacony bliss. Maybe it's the consistency. Maybe it's the words "paste" and "nozzle." Maybe it's just plain wrong. Thank you to Todd for this fascinating and disturbing product link.

Who would have thunk that the health-conscious folks in LA would be endorsing this Candied Bacon-Flavored Martini? Why didn't I think of mixing liquor and bacon? These questions are getting in the way of my getting to the liquor store to purchase some applejack brandy...

Many thanks to Bryan for alerting me to Baconlube, the newest product from J & D's, the maker of Bacon Salt, Bacon Lip Balm, and Baconnaise. So you fancy yourself a bacon lover? But are you a bacon lover? This product is not yet on the market, but the company is currently seeking some bold beta testers. Follow the link to start sizzlin'!


  1. This is hilarious! I'm craving for some real bacon right now =)

  2. I'm Bacon lube. *dies*

    You learn something new every day!

  3. Baconlube...I think that's one new thing I didn't want to learn about. Wow!!**becomes speechless**

  4. OMG

    I so wish you were kidding.. but somehow I doubt it.

    Squeezy bacon? What the?

    and I am not even thinking about the lube thing .. I need a therapist I think :O ICKY !

    thank you for presenting these ummm uniquely peculiar ideas.


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