Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Chapter in Catladyland's Curiosity Cavalcade

If you regularly read my blog, you know that sometimes I enjoy sharing interesting products I've encountered while skimming sites. Why, in the name of Ron Popeil, would I want to hoard all the happiness found in reveling in some of the most cool and curious (read: freaky-freak) products on the market. Prepared particularly for your pleasure, I give you today's pu pu platter of peculiar products:

Check out this moss carpet! I understand all the eco-friendly aspects of this product, but for the life of me, I cannot imagine emerging from the shower and stepping onto something that reproduces by spores and grows in tufts. It seems to me like you'd have to wash your feet all over again. Plus, if I'm going to have a living bath rug, I think my cats might prefer me to choose something of the catnip variety.

With the Purr-Detector, there's no longer a need to guess when your cat's purr-box is engaged. I can only imagine how alarmed my other cats would be watching their sibling's neck begin flashing wildly after breakfast. And picture this: you're just settling down for a much-needed night's sleep and your kitty curls up beside you in bed. Just as your eyelids are closing the curtains on a long day, a series of bright red flashes illuminates the room like a discotheque. No thanks -- Cosmo's drooling mouth is enough to signal me that he is purrfectly placid.

Won't your guests be stunned when they lift the toilet lid and a sopping wet Tinkles the Toilet Cat jumps out to greet them! Whaaaat? The fine company that brings us this prankster-puss wants to remind the potential purchasers that "this is not a toy." Then what is it?! Are they implying that a plastic cat suction-cupped to the inside of a human waste recepticle is serious business? I'm confused on so many levels.

Sometimes I wonder who shells out the cash to acquire these anomalies. But I suppose that somewhere in this great big bizarre world, Tinkles the Toilet Cat is hanging over the edge of the stool watching a feline with a blinking collar lounging on a moss rug. I'm sure of it.

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