Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ceva Feliway® and Catego™ Keep Your Cat Calm and Comfortable

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I've always shared my life with more than one cat, so I'm familiar with the dynamics of multi-cat households. I've heard some people say they don't think cats have personalities, but I beg to differ ... big time. My kitties have always demonstrated distinct -- many times colorful -- personalities and each have had their own "vibe" in the home. Because of that, there's sometimes a bit of stress in the air.

For example, Phoebe is definitely way more dominant than Cosmo. She's little, but has no problem bossing him around, which creates anxiety for poor Cos, and a bit of in-fighting between the two. I'm always looking for ways to keep the peace, and one effective way is by using Ceva's Feliway®, which mimics natural feline facial pheromone.

Phoebe's already feeling more relaxed.

I remember using it when I first moved into my apartment because Cosmo was so anxious with his new surroundings. It definitely helped -- and it's been a welcome addition to my toolbox for peacekeeping between my two little fuzzbutts.

Studies found that Feliway® helped reduce urine spraying in nine out of ten cats within one month's time. It also helped reduce stress-related scratching in eight out of ten cats in as little as seven days. How cool is that?

Stress is diffused!

The Feliway® Multi-Cat Diffuser plugs right into the wall, and emits the pheromone that makes cats feel comfortable in their own environment. I love that there's no noticeable smell and it's not a drug of any kind.

Handy-dandy travel spray is the perfect size for my purse.

It's also easy to toss the Feliway® Wipes or Feliway® Travel Spray into your bag (or keep them in your car) for on-the-go needs.

Like many cats, mine are not fans of riding in a car, so when I moved I was worried about the stress of the long drive. They "sing" on the short drive to the vet, but I thought I might be in for a full-blown opera. I used Feliway® spray on the blankets inside their carriers and was quite pleased with the results. I love opera and all, but was happy to forego that particular performance.

Phoebe and Cosmo are ready.

My cats stay indoors, but I had no idea that parasites can find their way inside our homes.

Ceva's Catego™ is a powerful flea and tick formula designed specifically for cats. It's topical, and comes in an easy-to-apply tube with a patented applicator.

Easy peasy!

Even Cosmo, my skittish guy, sat still while I applied the formula, which is no small feat.

Catego™ kills fleas within six hours, and takes care of all life stages of ticks through contact. You can get a tick off your cat without ticking your cat off!

I'll always keep Feliway® on hand, and if you'd like to try it yourself, you can pick it up through your veterinarian. Catego™ can be purchased through Amazon and veterinarians -- plus, it'll soon be on the shelves at PetSmart.

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