Monday, September 29, 2014

Velcro-Cat Gets a Lift

Those of you who regularly read my posts here or on Catster, know Cosmo is my constant companion, bordering on "stalkerish" at times. Of course I adore him, but it's not always easy for velcro-cat to attach himself to me.

I often sit at the kitchen table, either working or playing games. My daughter was home from college over the weekend, and yesterday we settled in for a rousing game of Connect Four. Cosmo, of course, needed to "help" me formulate my strategy. Him sitting in my lap isn't always the most comfortable for either of us, but I found the perfect solution for close-sitting in comfort!

Turns out when I place a kitchen barstool next to me, so he can sorta-kinda be on my level, he's quite pleased. Velcro-cat has a perch!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, my daughter whooped me in several rounds of Connect Four. Pretty sneaky, sis! 

Please tell me someone else remembers this gem of a commercial.

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