Friday, September 5, 2014

The Silliness of Cats Falling Asleep is the Just the Best!

I love the things cats do when they're falling asleep. You know, cats generally like to think of themselves and tidy, pulled together, and beyond dignified. This is why it's so funny when their fuzzy little dignified butts slide off the edge of the sofa. Of course, they pretend like it never happened. They have selective memory like that.

When they're sitting or standing and falling asleep, they slowly lose a little dignity. Sometimes my cats fall asleep while sitting, and start bobbing back and forth. You know what I mean -- it's hysterical. If they hear us giggle, their eyes immediately pop open and they straighten up like a little soldier.

Tidy, but bobbing.

My Phoebe is typically tightly tucked when she's sitting or loafed up somewhere. In fact, when she's loafed, you can't even see her feet -- they're so tucked that they're invisible! The other day I saw my little loaf sitting on the arm of the sofa. Her eyes were slowly closing -- she was totally fighting the sandman. And then her front legs came untucked! No longer tidy! I had to laugh because she's a pretty tough tucker -- she rarely cuts loose. She must have been really tired because my laughter didn't even faze her. I had to snap a quick photo for evidence.

Once were tucked.

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