Friday, July 18, 2014

My "Golden" Cat Loves the Vet's Office -- Go Figure

Yesterday we took Phoebe to the vet for her annual visit. Each time we go, everyone at the office goes batty over what a great cat she is. I think she's one of the only kitties who actually puts on her best behavior when he goes to the clinic; she seems to love entertaining and wooing the employees. Seriously: She actually enjoys being there -- Cosmo and Saffy, not so much. Here are some of my Phoebe-observations from yesterday's visit.

Are we there yet?

The golden-cat behavior happens as soon as we hit the door of the clinic. On the car ride over, however, she sang the many and varied songs of her people ... sometimes her tunes sounded bluesy, but occasionally she sounded a bit like Tupac gone wild -- that cat throw down a serious rap about her repression.

As soon as we checked in, she started giving the receptionist goo-goo eyes, and of course the receptionist was all like, "Ohhh, Miss Phoebe!" She was obviously not subject to the songs of her people for the entire 15 minutes leading up to the goo-goo eyes.

Practicing my best cute look for the vet.

When we cut her loose in the exam room, she immediately meandered over to the scale and loafed-up on top of it. "Look at her!," said the tech, "It's like she knew we were going to weigh her!" Show-off.

Then during the entire exam, the vet and tech serenaded us with all sorts of compliments:

"She's so beautiful!"
"Wow! She's really social!"
"Phoebe is SO smart!"
"What a perfect cat!"
"She's nine, but acts three!"
"She's so comfortable, relaxed and happy here!"

All true, but again, they are strangers to the songs of her people.

Cute AND smart, undeniably.

Miss Phoebe left the clinic with a completely clean bill of health, which we totally expected.

I joke, but we're really lucky that Phoebe's so well-behaved at the vet's office. She is a great cat ... who can sing the blues (and rap) like nobody's business.

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