Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Cats' Favorite Toy

In the evening, I usually pull out an interactive toy and try to get the cats to play -- and get some exercise -- for a little while. Da Bird (a simple feathered wand-toy made popular on My Cat from Hell) is my go-to because it seems to be the only toy to which all three of my cats will respond.

Cosmo is an all-out freak about Da Bird. He flies out of the woodwork when he senses the toy has made the scene. Phoebe shows curiosity and likes to jump for the feathers, although she seems to enjoy the stalking more than the getting. Saffy is our pudgy senior girl who really needs the exercise. She tends to go after the toy when I drag it on the floor. We call her "Paws of Lightening" because, although she's old and chunky, that girl's paws can move!

Last night I saw all three cats hanging out in the same area (shocker!) and decided to grab Da Bird. As usual, Cosmo was all over it. Phoebe watched from the bed and Saffy kind of ignored me -- no surprise there.

Do your cats have a favorite toy?

You can barely see the feathers, so I thought I'd save you some time with the arrow.

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