Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guess What I Got For My Birthday?

Yesterday was my birthday and I received a couple of surprise gifts. Guess what they were? Really, guess -- what are you, lazy? Kidding! OK, I'll just tell you. Well, aside from the giant snowstorm that blessed my commute with endless adventure, Catladyland was chosen as a finalist for Best Humor Blog in the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Blogging and Social Media Awards! How cool is that?

In May, I'll travel to the D.C. area for the BlogPaws conference (it will be my 5th year!) and the awards ceremony will take place on the final evening of the shingdig. The winners in each category will receive a super-cool trophy and be included in a collective donation of an embroidered police vest for the Arlington Police Department K-9 officer, Hugo. Also donated will be a collection of small animal oxygen makes to local fire departments. Nice!

BlogPaws reported nearly 1,000 nominations and we are honored to be among the 48 finalists. And many of our blogger friends made the cut as well -- congrats to everyone! So thank you for the nominations and for sharing laughs with Saffy, Cosmo Phoebe and me every day! You're the cat's meow, the cream of the crop and the total shizz.

You think I'd forget? You remind me every day.

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